What We Do

Is your home build going to be a challenge? We’re the builders you want working on your high-end home renovation or custom build. Everything starts with the relationship – with our clients, the community, the design team, and our contractors.

  • We always hold regular onsite meetings with our clients and architects to facilitate communication and feedback.
  • We maintain a clear project timeline so everyone involved always knows what’s happening and when.
  • We keep a well-organised job site at all times and carry out regular site checks to ensure safety, compliance with local regulations, and good relations with neighbours.
  • We are committed to environmentally conscious building, always incorporating an environmental plan for waste reduction, the re-use of materials, and recycling.


Architectural Houses

We specialise in significantly architecturally designed homes and custom builds in Sydney. We want creative, ambitious, and innovative designs that other construction companies shy away from.

Partnering with architects and design consultants has seen us complete some outstanding projects. When you bring together people that share our passion for distinctive and quality focused building, the outcomes can be inspiring.




Major Renovations and Additions

When your renovation or addition project goes beyond the ordinary, we’re the builder you want working on the project.

Our combined experience and design sense allows us to contribute directly to the quality and presentation of your renovation, resulting in a true reinvention of your space, not just a new look.



The secret is our factory floor, where we have the tools and trained hands to:

  • Test ideas: We can test solutions to problems or new ideas in a controlled environment, using real materials.
  • Be creative: Our factory is where we allow ourselves to dream, to innovate, and to invent new ways of doing things that ultimately benefit our clients.
  • Solve problems: Sometimes what works in the abstract doesn’t work onsite – and when that happens we have the space, tools, and people to find a solution.